WORKSHOP: Engaging Students with Technology in a 21st Century Classroom

Gerry Kosater
Mr. Gerry Kosater is a veteran teacher and administrator with 35 years experience in independent education. Mr. Kosater’s administrative experience includes Head of School, Principal, Athletic Director and Academic Coordinator. He has also been a professional learning coordinator, taught in the classroom and created professional learning classes for teachers dealing with curriculum, classroom management and technology integration in the classroom.

He has a passion for not only working with students but also collaborating with educators trying to implement 21st century technology into the classroom. Currently, he is a consultant/ trainer for professional learning classes and school improvement, collaborating with schools as they work to implement 21st century tools in the classroom.

Mr. Kosater earned a Bachelor’s degree from Valdosta State University and a Master’s degree Eastern Kentucky.

Are you ready to bring your classroom or school into the 21st century?
Are you ready to collaborate with others to benefit your students?

Educate our students for their future not our past.
This seminar will deal with ways to incorporate 21st century technology in the classroom to engage students more effectively. Specific tools to be discussed will be blogs, wikis, Google and Twitter. Special emphasis will be placed on collaboration, communication, conversation and creativity in the classroom.
We may teach with our doors closed but we cannot be isolated from innovative ideas and practices. With this in mind, we will also discuss the formation of a Professional Learning Network (PLN).
This seminar is designed for both teachers and administrators.