GISA Master Teachers


Georgia Independent School Association is pleased to announce the continuation of the GISA Master Teacher Program, an affirmation of the prestige and rewards of the education profession. The GISA Master Teacher Program will bestow well-deserved recognition to GISA Master Teachers who exhibit best practices in the classroom and a willingness to share and collaborate with other educators. GISA commends its Master Teachers who inspire excellence in the classroom, among colleagues and, especially, students.

The nomination and qualifications process for the Master Teacher Program is outlined below:

1. A qualified teacher may request to pursue the nomination process, or the Head of School may request that a teacher pursue the nomination process.

2. Each candidate must currently be a full-time teacher at an independent school that is a member of the Georgia Independent School Association.

3. The candidate’s education and total years of teaching experience must include:

A. A Master’s degree or a terminal degree/doctorate in the area of teaching and 5 or more years of experience.


B. A Bachelor’s degree with at least ten years of experience.

4. Each candidate must have completed at least one year of teaching at the nominating school prior to nomination.

5. Each candidate must be willing to share their areas of expertise through collaboration and presentations.

Each year, the number of nominees from each school will be based on GISA’s median student enrollment as determined by the Annual Enrollment Reports.

Schools whose enrollment is:

Below 300 may have one nominee.
Between 301-499 may have two nominees.
Between 500-699 may have three nominees.
Above 700 may have four nominees.

For more information, please contact Dr. Stan Whitlock at [email protected]