$1000 Innovative Teacher Grants


Loveday Foundation $1000 Grants For Innovative Teachers

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The Board of Trustees of the Loveday Foundation in cooperation with the Georgia Independent School Association has voted to award three (3) separate $1,000 grants in the Fall of each year to a teacher or group of teachers in an association member school. These grants will be based on a creative, innovative, and original project to promote innovative activities to motivate students and to improve the teaching and learning process.

The procedures for applications and other details pertaining to this grant follow. Teachers should be planning now to develop a creative project they wish to apply for at that time. 

An innovative project is one that places emphasis on the students and not the teachers. It should contain original and innovative ideas, involve significant numbers of students, and have an impact that continues over time.

An innovative project is not one that has as its main focus teacher advancement, travel, or a teacher’s course of study (degree).


Proposals for the 2023-2024 school year will be accepted from now until October 6, 2023. The proposal must be in detail listing all participants, procedures or processes to be followed, goals, and final evaluation. 

A. ELIGIBILITY: The teacher submitting the application must be a classroom instructor at a GISA Member School who is in daily contact with the students who will be participating in the project. Online Applications must be submitted by an individual teacher; however, a group of teachers and/or students may be involved in the project. Only one online application can be submitted per teacher. A maximum of three applications may be submitted from any one school.

B. APPLICATION: Proposal must be original, unique, demonstrate creativity, have a widespread impact in the school or community, and possess a visionary quality. The proposed project should promote innovative activities to motivate and benefit significant numbers of students.

Step 1:
CLICK HERE to download the Materials & Budget Form that must be completed, saved and uploaded with your ONLINE Application in Step 2.

Step 2:
CLICK HERE to complete the ONLINE APPLICATION and be sure to upload your saved Materials & Budget document.

Failure to follow the above instructions will result in rejection of your proposal.

Deadline to submit proposal is October 6, 2023.

C. MATERIALS & BUDGET: Cost cannot exceed the value of the grant, except if the school adds to the funding. All projected costs of every sort must be itemized and included with the proposals. If the MATERIALS & BUDGET FORM is not uploaded with your Online Application, your proposal will not be considered.

D. LENGTH: Project can be conducted anytime during the current school year, summer, or within one calendar year of the date of grant. Additional consideration will be given to projects designed to have a lasting effect.

E. JUDGING: Evaluations will be conducted by the GISA Teacher Services Committee. Judges will evaluate proposal on basis of originality, creativeness, attainable goals, as well as benefits as projected. Deadline for submission is October 6, 2023. Decision of judges shall be final.

F. EVALUATION: Upon completion of the project, grantee will submit a detailed written report evaluating the project and listing final expenses. This report must be submitted in writing (via email or regular mail) to the GISA President within thirty days following the completion date of the project.