Report USPC / Ejections

to Report Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Technicals or Ejections in BASKETBALL


to Report Misconduct, Yellow or Red Cards in SOCCER


to Report Unsportsmanlike Conduct & Ejections in ALL OTHER SPORTS


Excerpt from GISA Interscholastic Rules & Regulations

4.   Unsportsmanlike Conduct

a.  Cases of unsportsmanlike conduct shall be referred to the GISA President who may handle any case or refer it to the Appeal Board.

b.  The GISA President is authorized to warn, place on probation, suspend, fine a school, or any combination of these and to bar or suspend from competition a player and/or coach and/or official for unsportsmanlike conduct.

c.   Incidences of poor sportsmanship which result in a technical foul, ejection from the game and/or dismissal from the premises shall be reported to the GISA President on the first school day following such violation. All participating schools and the officials associations shall be required to file such reports. Any contest terminated prematurely by approved officials due to the misconduct of players, coaches or fans must be reported in writing by the officials to the GISA President, and will result in a $500 fine from the school or schools causing the termination. A second violation within one school year will result in an additional $500 fine and reprimand plus a suspension from any post-season play-off contest for one calendar year from the date of the incident, or notification of results of any investigation which is lengthy. A third such violation will result in suspension of said school from membership in GISA (Interscholastic) and the school cannot make application for re-admission for a period of two years.

d.   If a player or coach is ejected, that player or coach will be automatically suspended from the remainder of that game and the next previously scheduled game in that particular sport at that level, whether it is regular season, region or a state play-off game.  Further, the school will be required to forward to the GISA Office a mandatory fine of at least $50 per occurrence. If there are no remaining games in the sport in which the ejection occurred, then suspension would be served in first or next game of next sport of participation. Any fan or other person who is associated with the school and is ejected from a game will also require the school to pay a mandatory fine of $50 and suspend that person from at least one game for each ejection. When a fan or coach is ejected, that person must be removed from the playing and seating area (i.e. gym, stadium, or ball field, etc.) and must not be seen or heard during the period of suspension. A player ejected may or may not be removed from the playing area as per officials’ instructions. The player may be allowed to attend the next game of suspension in the company of a school official or his/her parents.  The player may not be seated with the team or the school’s cheering section at that contest. All fines are due and must be paid within ten (10) days of incident.

e.  Schools failing to report unsportsmanlike behavior by anyone involved with their school (coach, player, fan, etc.) by the conclusion of the next school day will be fined $50. The opposing school, after one letter of warning, will be fined $25 for not reporting unsportsmanlike behavior of the other school by the conclusion of the next school day. These reports must be entered via the online report form.